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Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft

Play Viking Runecraft Slot

Viking Runecraft slot with a large field divided into forty-nine cells (7×7). They show a variety of symbols that you need to get payouts in different ways.

The goal is to get a continuous chain consisting of five or more identical elements. They should touch horizontally or vertically (just not diagonally). Items can be arranged on a flat or broken line.

There are no active strips here. The bet per spin can range from ten cents to a hundred dollars.

Besides the basic images, the game has levels, bonuses, prize starts and special characters.

Standard symbols bring payouts calculated with specific odds and a stake.

After winning in the chain, all the images that formed the sequence disappear, making way for new elements. This process continues until combinations are formed. Bonuses can also be involved at some point, as detailed below.

A doubling game in Viking Runecraft is not offered. The exceptions to the rules are also explained below.

Viking Runecraft Online Slot: Wild, Scatter symbols

The machine has nine main images: five stones carved with runes, an axe, a hammer, a helmet and a breastplate. Each of them can form a winning chain of at least five identical elements. The maximum number of symbols in a combination is fifteen or more (the payout is uniform).

Special characters are also available in the game:

Wild (gold character) is used to replace other images in sequences.

Possible payouts and other information about all images can be given in the thematic sections of the table.

Viking Runecraft Bonus Games

The slot is of particular interest due to a variety of price options. Let’s start discussing them with the level system.

Levels – When you start the slot, you will see that several cells are highlighted in color on the substrate below the images on the screen. They form a certain pattern. If an image from the winning chain appears at this point, the color of the cell will change. To go to the next step, you need to activate all positions in this way. At each level, the player is favored by one of the four Scandinavian gods. He uses bonuses regularly.

Now we will discuss the prizes that the gods can gift you with:

  • Thor – Lightning strikes across the screen, causing five to nine jokers.
  • Odin – Four jokers fall out in different places and group into two elements.
  • Freya – Wild symbols appear in four clusters. They do not disappear until the payout is credited.
  • Heimdall – There is a joker in each row.

All of the above options are triggered on randomly selected spins, with no additional player requirements.

  • Runes of Valhalla Bonus – If you can use all five runes in combinations in one round, you enter the bonus game. You can launch the analogue of the “Wheel of Fortune” with impressive prizes.

Charge of Destruction – if you manage to use twenty pictures according to the results of the round, fill with fire the special amulet on the left. He launches one of the four price options. We will not consider them in detail. Let’s just say that they are all associated with on-screen icon changes that are beneficial to the user.

Ragnarok – if forty images are played simultaneously in one round, you will participate in Charge of Destruction on even more attractive terms, including additional multipliers.

Don’t be afraid of the apparent complexity of the rules. You may not be able to learn them at all since all options are run automatically.

How to play Viking Runecraft?

The slot is translated into different languages, so choose a casino with a version that is convenient for you.

There are a number of buttons on the bar that show the different bet levels. You can move it to select the value you want.

A new game round can be started manually or automatically. The autogame has configurable parameters (number, limits, etc.).

The general settings allow you to choose the screen size, turn off music and all sounds, enable accelerated mode, and so on. Viking Runecraft will launch in the browser. There is also a mobile version of the interface.

In addition to the paytable with the rules, there is an extensive reference with a description of all the features of the slot.

Mobile version

Users can play the mobile version of the slot using a smartphone running on the Android or iOS operating system.

Viking Runecraft: Our Verdict

The gambling discussed has numerous benefits. These include addicting gameplay with original features, interesting theme, beautiful design, spectacular animations, user-friendly interface and a wide range of bets. It is capable of tightening for several hours even in demo mode.

It should also be noted a fairly high yield and low volatility.

Where can I play Viking Runecraft for free in demo mode?

Discover Viking Runecraft for free on the MySlotsGuru portal and watch our video showing all the design features and rules.

To play for money we offer in reliable online casinos with Play’n Go software. Our experts’ reviews will help you choose the best casino.

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